Fourteen-year-old Lacy Phillips is a smart and talented singer who has a relentlessly overactive mind.  

Her vocal coach, Jeanie, calls this a Monkey Mind.  The endless chatter in her head, her monkeys, is represented by three actors who are seen and heard only by Lacy and the audience.

Lacy and her father, Frank, are both learning to cope with her mother’s recent death. 

Lacy wants to win the Top Teen Talent Contest and use the cash prize to help her father.  

Lacy meets Brandon, her vocal coach’s nephew, who composes a song for her.  They fall for each other.

Lacy starts to clear her mind of the mischievous monkeys but is then faced with a series of challenges: failing grades, a break-up with Brandon, and a fight with her father, which she believes causes his heart attack.  

The monkeys return, trying to coerce her into ending her life. 

Following an epic battle, Lacy ultimately prevails. Together, she and Brandon go on to win the TV contest as her father and Jeanie proudly cheer them on.


The kiss scene

Rehearsal score

A piano-vocal score is available along with the orchestrated tracks.

John Sparks

Directing the workshop at ANMT/NMI.

Kayley and David waiting for John's feedback.